Our Philosophy

We founded MusicaFicta because we are convinced that Art and Music can be learnt in a natural, enjoyable and flexible way.

This is what we offer: Customized lessons, workshops for your organization and the production of original events and performances.

We started our company in August 2017 and our clients include Google, Alliance Française and several international schools.

For more informations and customized music solutions for your needs, please contact us directly. We are happy to provide testimonials from existing clients.

Our Team


I have extensive music teaching experience of over 15 years, covering multiple areas (guitar, vocal coaching, singing, music initiation) in various formats (one-to-one, small groups, workshops) and for various audiences (children starting 4 years old, teenagers, young adults, adults, handicapped students). My method is an intuitive approach based on breath, ear development and rhythmic, only lightly integrating academic music pedagogies. . The progress, but especially the joy of my students makes me believe that this method is pretty efficient and provides the students with the right amount of direction and support, while allowing for personal pace and initiative in the learning process.


Artisan Nissiel Yu is an experienced Graphic Illustrator with a demonstrated history of working in the creative industry. She is passionate about people, culture and the visual arts, she mentors creative beings privately and in various studios in Singapore.

Holds Bachelor's degree focused on Fine Art disciplines from Goldsmiths, University of London with Lasalle College of the Arts.


I have music teaching experience of over 6 years, particularly 3 in Singapore.

I am covering multiple areas (guitar, Ukulele, Percussions, music initiation) in various formats (one-to-one, small groups, workshops) and for various audiences (children starting at 2 years old, teenagers, young adults, adults).

I have the same approach as Vincent for teaching and we have built, tested and refined our own method.

Mark Anthony

Picked the guitar up at the age of 15 and instantly decided to pursue a career in music. Mark’s expertise is in both the acoustic and electric guitar. He is a experienced freelance guitar teacher. He is a former music student at Lasalle College of the Arts. Mark does a variety of live performances at places like Wala Wala, Hard Rock Cafe and CHIJMES.


Started learning the piano at the age of five. In recent years, she has performed and participated in various concerts, events, and festivals, both as a soloist and a piano accompanist. On top of that, she has also participated in numerous masterclasses and international music festivals with renowned teachers such as Prof. Bernd Goetzke, Prof. Wolfram-Schmitt Leonardy, Prof. Gordon-Fergus Thompson, and Dr. Anna Kijanowska. She obtained her Bachelor in Music (Hons) under a joint-degree program of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) and the Royal College of Music (London). During her studies, Felisia learned under the tutelage of Singapore eminent pianist Dr. Paul Liang and previously with Lena Ching. In addition, she has also been actively involved in NAFA Evening Concerts, NAFA Music Platform, NAFA Chorus, and NAFA Chamber Chorus with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.


I'm art teacher for about 3 years. Before that I'm working as a freelance art director on project basis for the creative industries for more than 15yrs. Teaching is actually my passion since years ago, I really enjoy interaction with children and people who love arts very much. In short, sharing my drawing experience and knowledge about art is core values now.


Ng started learning the piano from the age of 4 and viola from the age of 13 when she became a member of the Dunman High School String Ensemble in 2012. Since then, she has obtained the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) in Piano Performance and Grade 8 ABRSM in Viola Performance.

Since young, Ng has been taking part in numerous competitions and performing for various occasions as a soloist, chamber pianist and violist, choir pianist, piano accompanist, in ensembles and in orchestras. On top of that, she has been performing for events such as wedding celebrations, school performances, public performances, national music competitions, school music practical examinations (MEP Practical Examinations, GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations, GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations) and so on.

​Ng has also served as the Principal Violist of the MOE Combined Schools Orchestra in 2016 and of the Dunman High School String Ensemble in 2015 and 2017. As a music educator, she has been teaching students ranging from the age of 3 to 44 in music schools and as a private music coach, primarily teaching piano and theory.


Started learning music since 7 years old, play Electone organ, piano and cello. Taking part in numerous performance in solos and band.

Having 6 years teaching experience in music centers, well known in ABRSM syllabus and Rockschool Piano syllabus

Why "MusicaFicta"

We named our company MusicaFicta because this musical word means a lots of things for us. It’s “the note between the note”, it defines sometimes; the sound variance made by a singer, sharp or flat, not written on the score of music, and that is the personalized element, created by the singer, as if he has taken possession of the song.

Music theory and to be able to read music is important, but the most important is to live music when we play music and live arts when we do arts.

We are here to accompany you and to help you find your path.

We think that there are more ways to teach and to learn, as much as there are personalities.

Our logo represents a labyrinth with the first two letters of Musica Ficta, because everyone must find their own path to master their art.

Why choose MusicaFicta

  • We take pride in being a part of the community and we make sure our students and our teachers feel like one big family. Music is about collaboration, communication and emotion and we hope to share that with everyone we work with.
  • We take the student's interests into consideration before developing a lesson plan. No two students are the same and no two lessons are the same.
  • We offer a wide range of private and group classes which include Music Introduction, Piano, Voice, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, ukulele.
  • We offer a variety of groups and private art & music classes.
  • We offer a flexible schedule of lessons .
  • We offer workshops and team building adaptable according to your needs, like professional studio recording, speed drawing & painting, cajon, ukulele groups, storytelling and performances
  • We are available to answer at your question seven days a week.