Rhythm & Pitch are the foundation of music; discover these notions with several workshops, while having fun ;)

Music Introduction Workshop :

In this workshop, play with several instruments. Discover the different sounds and pitches of notes through funny stories and songs.

Rhythm Workshop :

In this workshop, understand pace, create and play together. Learn basic rhythm with several percussive instruments (cajon, boomwackers, maracasses, etc). In a short time you will be able to perform and to record loops .

Music Band Workshop :

In this workshop, discover the world of the recording studio. Try several instruments and recording your performance like a Pro.

Art lab :

In this Workshop, young artists enrolled in this course will learn to explore their inner creativity!

Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums and practices including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, colors and shapes. They will develop fine motor skills, refine hand-eye coordination, and develop an awareness of basic fine art techniques.

We are able to adapt our workshops according to the number of participants, their level and even according to your request concerning a specific theme.

Do not hesitate, ask for a quote

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Vincent Cateigne : +65 90 30 84 36