Musica Ficta workshops are customized for all organizations and for all levels of management.

Music and Art are a universal language. This why our programs are able to communicate with people of different nationalities and cultures.

Discover our activities below and contact us to live this unique experience.

We make a video of this wonderful team building event and even edit it for you.

Rhythm Workshop :

Understand pace, create and play together. Learn basic rhythm with the Cajon or Box drum which is a percussion instrument that is played using the hands. In a short time ( about 2 hours), you will be able to perform.

This workshop is perfect to help strengthen listening and team work within your organisation.

Ukulele Workshop :

This Workshop is designed for everyone, even for people with no musical background. In a short time ( about 2 hours ), become a musician !

This workshop fosters great team work as teams come together to learn a new skill and perform together at the end of it.

Music Jam Workshop :

Exceed your limits by learning the cajon and ukulele in just 4 hours!

This workshop is a combinaison of playing the Ukulele and the Cajon. Gain a surge in confidence when you master these 2 instruments in a day. There are no limitations to our capabilities as long as we set our hearts and mind in the tasks!

We will join you with several instruments and the performance will be taken to the next level, as we all work together as a team and perform like pros !

Music studio Recording :

Companies who are interested in sponsoring talented teams within the organisation are welcome to approach us for a special package which include mentoring of these teams and helping them to record music in a professional studio.

This is a great, ongoing patronage of music and team work in your organisation and not, a one day event !

Speed Drawing & Painting Workshop :

This workshop learn the basics of speed drawing & painting, with a professional performer.

You will learn how to use different brushes and create in a few minutes your company Logo or the topic you choose.

In a short time, realize a performance and become an artist !

We are able to adapt our workshops according to the number of participants, their level and even according to your request concerning a specific theme.

Do not hesitate, ask for a quote

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Vincent Cateigne : +65 90 30 84 36